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LE180802 | Macular Degeneration Study

Recruiting Now

A 5 day, 4 nights stay with 1 follow-up appointment & 1 follow-up phone call


  • Healthy Males and Females (must be of Non-Childbearing Potential)
  • Aged of 18 and 65
  • BMI must be between 18 – 30 kg/m2
  • Females must be of non-childbearing potential (either Surgically Sterile or Postmenopausal)
  • Participants must not have any severe allergies
  • Participants must be non-smokers (For at least 28 days)
  • Must be free from any clinically significant illness or disease
  • Participants must not have a history of Retinal Macular Edema or Stargardt Disease


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