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LE191104 Photo Request

Thank you for your interest in Linear Clinical Research and for completing the pre-screen questionnaire for the Immune study.

Before we book your screening visit, we ask that you send us a photograph of your back (lower back to upper shoulders) so we can access your back meets the required size (approximately 35cm x 40cm) and free from anything that may affect the topical gel absorption.
Simply reply back to this email or reply

Why does Linear need a photograph of my back?
These photographs will be sent to the study doctors for a visual assessment to confirm your back meets the required dosing area (free from excessive hair, skin damage, tatoes, skin disease and other impurities). If they confirm your back looks suitable, a recruitment officer will call you to confirm to book an appointment for a screening visit, if we haven’t confirmed your pre-screen questionnaire at this stage will do so before booking.
If the study doctor does not think your back picture meets the requirements for this study, a recruitment officer will also be in touch to let you know.

If the study doctor can not confirm whether your back picture meets the requirements from the photograph, you may be asked to send another photograph or to attend a screening visit so that the study doctor can make an assessment in person.

NOTE: The aim of this assessment is to rule out any volunteers who clearly do not have a suitable back for the required dosing area for the study and to save you unnecessarily attending a screening visit. 


What are the requirements for the photograph?

Please reply to this email with a single, close up picture taken from directly behind you of your back, ensuring that the picture is in focus, clear to see the skin. Please see picture example:


What will happen to the photograph after I send it to Linear?

The photograph that you send to us will only be used for the purpose of the Immune study and will be retained within the study files as required by clinical trials regulations. The photograph will only be accessible to the study team and will not be sent outside of Linear. 

Please refer to our privacy policy for more information:

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 546 327 (1300 Linear).