COVID-19 Nasal 

Device Study

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Currently, the only non-vaccine prevention products available are PPE (personal protective equipment), you can help us test a new device for the potential prevention and treatment of COVID-19! 

Remuneration is based on completion of the in-house stay and all follow-up appointments.


3 Appointments 

To Qualify, You Must

  • Be 18 to 65 years old
  • Be willing to administer at-home doses  & complete a dosing e-diary
  • Be a non-smoker (has not smoked, vaped or used tobacco/nicotine products in the last 2 months)
  • NOT have any nose piercings
  • NOT have used any intranasal medication or nasal topical treatments in the last 7 days

Spots are limited. Find out if you qualify today!

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12 Home Dosing Days

 1 Phone Call