COVID-19 Vaccine Study

Help medical research 

Linear Clinical Research in Perth is testing a potential vaccine for COVID-19

Get paid $2150 

Paid in instalments throughout the study and total amount is based on completion.


To Qualify, You Must

- Be a healthy male or female aged 18 to 75

- Commit to 10 appointments and 11 phone calls over 2 years

Spots are limited. Start your application now.

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 Help us test a groundbreaking new vaccine against COVID-19. This vaccine mimics a key protein of the virus, training the body's immune system to recognise and respond to it. It is not a live vaccine and participants are not given COVID-19.

Study Schedule

No overnight stays required. There are currently no spots available for this study. However, we expect more to open within the next few weeks. Apply now to find out if you are eligible to be waitlisted.

Application Process