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LE180604 | Heart Disease Study

Recruiting Now

Help us test a new treatment for dyslipidaemia! Otherwise known as abnormal levels of lipids in the blood (e.g. cholesterol and triglycerides). Untreated it can lead to heart disease and many other serious conditions, due to a build-up of these lipids in arteries.

You Get $3060! 

(remuneration based on completion of in-house stay and all follow-up appointments)


Visit Schedule

3 nights and 4 days with 11 follow-up visits.


In-house Stay Check-In 05-Jan
Check-Out 08-Jan
Appointments Day 3 09-Jan
Day 8 14-Jan
Day 15 21-Jan
Day 22 28-Jan
Day 29 04-Feb
Day 43 18-Feb
Day 57 04-Mar
Day 71 18-Mar
Day 85 01-Apr
Day 99 15-Apr
Day 113 29-Apr


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Inclusion Criteria

  • Healthy Males and Females between the ages of 18 and 65
  • BMI must be between 19 – 37 kg/m
  • Participants will be required to have elevated triglycerides & LDL-C (found in cholesterol checks) this is tested in screening or we can look at any recent results that you provide
  • Must be on a stable diet for at least 4 weeks and over the duration of the study
  • Must not have any clinically significant illness or disease
  • Must be non-smokers (Max 2 cigarettes per month within the previous 6 months)
  • Participants must be willing to consume a high fat & high carbohydrate meal prior to dose (e.g. fried bacon, fried eggs, full fat milk)
  • Must be willing to provide stool samples



Find out now if you’re eligible by answering our pre-screening questions below.