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LL17035 | Malaria Study

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Why Participate?

Help our clinical research team turn this medical innovation into a safe, effective treatment that will change and save lives. And get paid.

Malaria kills approximately 800 children under 5 every day. Participating in this trial means you may be helping to reduce this number for generations to come.

Who’s in Charge?

The study is being run by two leaders in WA medical research, The Lion’s Eye Institute and The Harry Perkins Institute.

Dr Fred K Chen from The Lion’s Eye Institute is one of the leading medical researchers and specialist doctors in Australia. He is the study doctor for this trial.


Why Linear?

We’re a world leader in clinical research and bringing safe, effective medications to the market. We’re a regular winner of national awards such as the Australian Export Awards.



Visit Schedule for this Research
Participants will be required to attend 7 – 10 appointments

Part 1 Treatment (Week 1-52)Part 2 Follow-upPart 3 (Only if required)
Payment $ 490700810880210 210210

Participants who complete the study up to Week 64 will receive in total 


Inclusion Criteria

  • Healthy males and females aged between 18 and 55
  • Must agree to stay in contact with the study site for the duration of the study and up to Week 64 (Visit 7b). Have no current plans to move away from Perth for the duration of the study
  • Must maintain a diary throughout the study
  • No eye conditions or use of prescription eye drops




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