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Meet our leadership team

Our leadership team

Dr. Michael Winlo


Medically trained, health-tech enthusiast, hack musician and father of two.

Gail Clement

RN Clinical Unit Lead

Skilled operations manager with a passion for humanity, excellence and globetrotting, published author.

Dr. Sam Salman

MBBS(Hons), PhD (Pharmacology) Scientific and Clinical Advisor

Clinician, pharmacometrician, academic, passionate about getting the most out of medicines.

Zelda Herbst

RN Oncology & Haematology Project Lead

Passionately dedicated to researching and eliminating cancer.

Dr. Fabien Knab

PhD, MRQA Quality Assurance Lead

Solution-focused quality professional, there’s no substitute for quality.

Liisa Bevan

RN Early Phase Project Lead

Enjoys the excitement of research, creative thinker, technophile, published author, mother of two awesome cats.

Simon Scott

MPharmMed Project Operations Manager

Research professional and passionate traveller.

Dougal Thring

BPharBio (Hons) MPharmMed Clinical Solutions Lead

Experienced trials project manager, deep pharmacological and regulatory knowhow, hipster, bearded hat collector.

Jayden Rogers

BSc, MPhysio, MBA Global Partnering Lead

Father, start-up founder and healthcare professional with a love for travel and medical innovation.

Scott Thompson

Technical Operations Manager

Passion for quality and people, strong process improvement focus, Loves the thrill of adventure, bikes and Scuba.

Dr. Shashi Aggarwal

BSc, MSc, PhD Late Phase Project Manager

Clinical scientist, adjunct lecturer.

Jonathon Doust

Quality Assurance Associate

Exacting research professional with a penchant for 90s ska-punk t-shirts.

Naeem Qamar

BCom (Accounting), CPA Associate Financial Accountant

Analytical thinker, passionate about corporate finance and business growth.

Nicola Norton

RN Early Phase Project Manager

Living the dream and dedicated to clinical research so that others can live theirs by feeling better and living longer.

Sarah Powell

B Lab Med, Grad Cert. CTM Proposals Lead

Eternal Optimist, loves to learn, wants to make an impact in health and research, organisational tragic!