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Why Participate?

Help our clinical research team turn medical innovations into safe, effective treatments that will change and save lives. Enjoy world-class care and recreational facilities, with free wifi, meals and entertainment. And get paid. 

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How can you get onto a Trial?

1. Answer our questions here to find out which trial suits you

2. Complete the pre-screening questionnaire

3. Get in touch to book in a screening appointment

4. Attend your appointment and find out if you’re eligible

Please Note: You can choose to participate or withdraw consent at any time


Find out if you’re eligible


Attend our world-class facility for screening. Our medical doctors will confirm your eligibility to participate


Check-In & Check-Out in our world class facility by our knowledgeable team of medical doctors


After your follow-up visit, you are remunerated for participating

Why Register?

We’ve designed LinearOne to ensure you have full control over the data you share with us. 

Steps to Register (we recommend using Google Chrome)

  1. Click ‘Register Now
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  3. View Email & click ‘Verify’
  4. Enter Email address to Verify
  5. SignIn with email & password
  6. Read & Consent
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