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Start your clinical trials up to six months faster than in the US. Complete them at a third of the cost.

Why do so many US biotech companies come to Linear?

Generous tax incentives. Fast-track trial start-ups, with no IND required. A 14,000+ volunteer database and global collaborator network, yours to tap into. Plus a multidisciplinary team that adds clinical, practical and financial value at every stage of your therapy’s concept-to-commercialisation journey. There’s a host of reasons why US sponsors are turning to Linear in Australia.

More about our advantage

Since our inception in 2010, we’ve helped over 60 US sponsors conduct more than 90 new clinical trials.  Helping bring their medical innovations to market, swiftly and safely.

Go to market globally sooner

We have all the internationally renowned clinical, medical, lab and QA expertise you need in-house at Linear, not only ensuring you get the quality data you need to go to market anywhere in the world, but actively streamlining and adding value to the journey. Find out how we can help you.

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