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Linear advantage

We’re on a mission – your mission

We’re in this for the greater good, which is good for you as a sponsor. It means we’re focused on your bottom line, not ours. It means you benefit from fast-track start-up and more agile, end-to-end capabilities because all our profits go back into:

Rapid recruitment

  • 40,000+ volunteer database
  • State health department partners (patient databases)
  • A vast network of certified investigators and collaborators

Multidisciplinary teams

  • Global recruitment and ongoing training
  • Phase 1 to Phase 4 clinical trials
  • Project and protocol planning through to commercialisation

Quality assurance

  • In-house QA team
  • Audits and live in-trial QC
  • Leading-edge processes, systems and technologies

World-class facilities

  • 2 State-of-the-art specialty clinics
  • Located in two of Australia’s largest health precincts
  • On-site dispensing pharmacy, medical and QA resources

Participant welfare

  • Streamlined recruitment
  • Industry-leading nursing, safety and care
  • Excellent on-site participant amenities

Sponsor partnerships

  • Adding concept-to-commercialisation value
  • Agile designs and adaptive trials
  • Recruitment, service and data quality KPIs

Innovative technology

  • First Australian site to adopt eSource
  • Innovation focussed team to deliver faster and higher quality trials
  • Strong investment in technology to assure highest data capture quality

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The Australian advantage

Thanks to favourable TGA regulations and an equally favourable tax environment, Australia is arguably the ideal place for domestic and international sponsors to conduct clinical trials.

Start faster

  • No IND required
  • cGMP exempt for Phase 1
  • Up to 6 months faster than FDA

Fast-track submissions

  • US FDA
  • EMA
  • CFDA
  • PMDA

Claim generous R&D cash incentives

  • 43.5% cash back for R&D expenses
  • Trials are often a third of US costs




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The Perth advantage

While Perth is as renowned for its quality of life as its remoteness, it’s anything but disconnected. With its progressive health system and reputation for academic excellence, Perth is a medical research hub, taking a leading role as the Asian century unfolds.

Population: 2.6m

Comparable with major cities like Vancouver and Helsinki

Asian time zone

The same zone as 25% of world’s population

Australia’s fastest growing city

World-class health system

Employing over 40,000 people

World-first research

Including two of the largest longitudinal health studies in the world

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