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Meet our clinical research team who make the hardest projects simpler.

Greater experience, greater value

The breadth and depth of experience within our multidisciplinary team in Perth means there’s a wealth of knowledge to tap into. And make no mistake, we love sharing our knowledge for the greater good.

This diversity means we’re equipped to actively add value to even the toughest, most complex clinical trial and medical innovation projects.


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Multiple disciplines working as one

Take a closer look at the teams at Linear and you’ll find a rich blend of international experience, not least on our illustrious board. But what really defines our team – and the seamlessly integrated concept-to-commercialisation solutions we provide – is the way we work as one. It’s what we call our One Linear culture.


Our Leadership team

Individual profiles

Our Proposals & Start-Up team

  • Over 30 years of clinical trials experience (Phase 1–Phase 4)
  • Highly qualified English/Mandarin-speaking team with broad international experience
  • Life sciences start-up experience, including capital raising and product licensing
  • Led the healthcare practice for one of the largest private tech companies in the US
  • 6 patents across medical device and healthcare technology


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Our Clinic team

  • Over 115 years of international nursing and clinical research experience
  • Expertise spanning multiple therapeutic areas and the early-late phase spectrum
  • Specialist training in oncology, intensive care, cardiac care, neurology, emergency care, respiratory medicine, rheumatology, diabetes, psychiatry and gastroenterology
  • Dedicated degree-qualified and paramedic-trained clinical trial assistants
  • Adaptive trial practices and live quality control/compliance expertise

Our Early Phase team

  • Core team has over 50 years of combined clinical / academic research experience across diverse therapeutic areas.
  • Successfully conducted 200 + clinical trials
  • Early Phase Clinical Project Manager Lead:
    Nicola Norton, RN. 16 years of clinical research experience
  • Team has delivered a host of Linear accomplishments, including:
    – Australia’s first Phase 2 glucose clamp study
    – Recruited Australia’s first participant in a postoperative pain study using bunionectomy as a model
    – Successfully completed a massive 13 cohort SAD, MAD, FED study
    – Fastest turnaround trial – award to last visit in 43 days (7 weeks)
    – First study with lumbar punctures
    – Enrolled 57 participants in 3 days for a vaccine study
    – Study approved by HREC with no comments on initial application!

Our Late Phase team

  • Highly qualified core team with over 40 years of combined clinical research experience and multiple advanced degrees including PhDs
  • Completed over 25 early and late-phase clinical trials across respiratory, cardiothoracic, oncology, infectious diseases, diabetes and neuromuscular patient populations
  • Clinical project manager, with over 30 years of clinical research experience, has:
    – Published scientific articles in high impact journals
    – Won national and international scientific awards and academic grants
    – Supervised Honours and co-supervised PhD students in the Department of Medicine at University of WA


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Our Laboratory team

  • A diverse team of highly qualified technicians and assistants with over 95 years of combined international experience
  • Experience in multiple diagnostic, research and clinical trial labs
  • Successfully conducted 120+ clinical trials across multiple therapeutic areas
  • A deserved reputation for dynamic, adaptive practices
  • Laboratory Manager with 20 years of Pathology and Clinical Trial experience including 15 years of leadership and management of people and processes.
    – First study with lumbar punctures
    – Enrolled 57 participants in 3 days for a vaccine study
    – Study approved by HREC with no comments on initial application!

Our Medical team

  • Medical director (MD) with over 25 years of medical experience with investigator roles in over 30 clinical trials
  • Scientific and Clinical Advisor (previous Associate MD) with a PhD in clinical pharmacology/pharmacometrics and investigator roles in over 30 clinical trials
  • Core team of active specialist principal investigators
  • Internationally renowned Oncology team comprising medical oncologists with extensive experience in early-phase/late-phase oncology trials and dedicated on-site oncology fellow
  • On-site research physicians with experience in over 50 healthy volunteer and non-oncology patient clinical trials
  • High staff-to-participant ratio students in the Department of Medicine at University of WA

Our Quality Assurance team

  • Over 40 years of combined experience in quality assurance and quality management systems
  • Extensive Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and Good Manufacturing Practice experience
  • Highly qualified team (PhD, BSc, MBA, GAICD) with diverse international experience
  • Familiar with a wide range of areas, including pharmaceuticals, biologics, blood and tissue products, medical devices


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Our Oncology Team

  • 7.5 full-time staff, including a full-time oncology fellow
  • Specialist oncology nurses
  • Global oncology collaborator network

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