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Career FAQs

Read our FAQs for more information on a career at Linear, or contact us on


Where do I apply for a role? #

All our employment vacancies will be posted on the career’s page with a link to the application page. You will need to submit your application online for the hiring manager to review.

For updates on upcoming job opportunities:

Follow us on Linkedin

I am interested in more than one role, should I apply for all? #

Yes, you should submit your application for all the roles you are interested in and, check the criteria for each role.

What is involved in the recruitment process? #

We aim to review all applications as quickly as possible and the recruitment process will vary depending on the role.

The hiring manager will review all applications against the role requirements. The recruitment process may include; a phone interview, a face to face interview, practical test, and a comprehensive reference check. The offer and acceptance of employment will need to take place before you join our team. Depending on your location, we can accommodate video conferencing.

What do I need to include in my application? #

Your application should include an up to date resume with a detailed work history and a cover letter addressing why you are interested in the role.

How can I make my application stand out? #

We look for candidates who are motivated and want to take their career to the next level.

Tips for your application:

  • Your cover letter should address the hiring manager
  • Your resume should include all relevant work information, education and training
  • Include your personal information (such as full legal name, phone number and email address) on the first page of your resume
  • Be clear in your presentation and concise
  • Your resume should be easy to read and well structured
  • Your resume should be 3-4 pages long (depending on your level of experience)
  • Avoid over designing and using photos in your application
  • Leave out: Date of birth, gender, marital status, children, religion, illnesses, disabilities, memberships of political organisations and hobbies (unless directly relevant to the role)
  • Don’t use abbreviations or jargon
  • Only include referees who have agreed to provide a reference for you (speak with them about it before you provide their contact details)
  • Seek feedback from a neutral person and double check for grammatical errors

I don’t want my current manager to know I am looking for a new role. Can I provide someone else as a reference? #

We understand you don’t want to jeopardise your current role. We would like current references – this may be from your current and/or previous employment.

I am interested in a career in clinical trials, what certificates/degrees do I require. #

The advertisement will state what is required to be successful in the role. We do provide on the job training and you will receive structured training as part of your induction process.

If you are unsure, contact the HR team for more information, via email

How long do you keep my application on file. #

We will keep your application on our database for the recruitment period. If you wish to be considered for another role, you will need to re-submit your application to the role to be considered.

I need to withdraw my application, how do I go about this? #

Email that you wish to withdraw your application.

How long after submitting my application will I hear from you? #

We aim to respond to all applicants as quickly as possible. You will hear from us with an outcome of your application.

I am coming in for an interview. What should I wear? #

Our dress code is smart casual. If you are interviewing for a laboratory role you may be required to complete a practical test, you will need to wear closed in shoes for safety reasons.

What type of interview should I be prepared for? #

We want to get to know you and why you want to join Linear. We will ask you a set of structured questions and you will have an opportunity to ask us some questions.

Tips for the interview:

  • Map out your travel journey to the QEII Campus
  • Ask the interviewer to repeat the questions if you are unsure
  • Express your motivation for applying for the role and end on a positive note
  • Support your answer with examples
  • Do your research and be prepared
  • Ask questions about the role
  • Practice your interview answers out loud
  • Stay calm! We are trying to get to know you better 🙂

If I am running late or cannot attend the interview who do I notify? #

Please call our reception on 08 6382 5100 and/or email

We do encourage you to apply for future roles and keep an eye out on our careers and Linkedin page for future roles you may be interested in.

What is the offer process and how do I accept the offer? #

You will receive instructions on how to formally accept the offer and the next steps. 

What if I want to decline the offer? #

If you have any questions about your employment contract, please contact the HR representative and they will be able to address your concerns.

You can decline the offer by notifying the hiring manager or HR representative.

I have completed my new employment forms, who do I send my forms to? #

All employment documents are to be returned to the HR team before you commence via post or on your commencement date via your manager.

Will I need to provide a copy of my passport, university transcript, registrations and visa documents at any point? #

Yes, you will need to provide additional documentation as part of your on-boarding process and we will notify you which documents are required.

What are your career development options? #

We are committed to continuous growth and improvement of our people.

On your commencement, your manager will take you through the tasks and requirements for the role, and plan your training. You will be invited to attend an induction to help you get set up. We provide on the job training, structured training guides, online training, performance reviews, and an opportunity to attend professional development courses.

Do you have a graduate program? #

We do not have a formal graduate program. We provide on the job training and a structured training guide for entry level roles.

What are the working hours? What's the work-life balance like as a Linear employee? #

The working hours will depend on the requirements of the role. Working hours are to be discussed with the hiring manager. We do offer flexible working hours, opportunities to work from home and rosters are prepared in advance.

I have applied for a fixed term contract role, do I still accrue leave entitlements? #

On a fixed term contract you will be eligible for leave entitlements.

I have planned leave. Will this affect my chances and who do I notify? #

You will need to notify the hiring manager during the interview stage and provide your leave details.

Do you have staff parking? #

Linear is located on the QEII medical centre campus, in Nedlands, Western Australia.

We encourage our employees to find alternative ways to travel to campus other than car. Depending on your role requirements or your location from the campus you may be able to apply for parking and your application will be assessed by QEII medical centre. Linear is playing their part by supporting the campus to be more environmentally friendly.


Travel Guide to QEIIMC


What is the quickest way to contact you? #

Please call our reception on 08 6382 5100 or email