Linear is a purpose built phase I facility that supports first in human through to phase II clinical trials and is co-located within a major research precinct and tertiary teaching hospital. Linear has the Australian advantage of fast regulatory approval time to achieve first-in-human clinical data and extensive experience in adaptive healthy volunteer / patient protocol designs.


Help us further advance medical science and contribute to groundbreaking research. Participants can be a part of healthy volunteer studies or patient studies. As a patient, you could get access to treatment that would otherwise be unavailable. In many cases, participants are financially remunerated for their time and inconvenience.

Welcome to Linear Clinical Research Limited

Linear Clinical Research provides international biopharmaceutical companies access to Australia’s brightest minds and talented clinical research professionals for innovative medicines. Research and the clinical trial is a fundamental tool of modern medicine – the clinical trial is the medical invention that has contributed to nearly all of the lifesaving medicines that we know today. Linear’s rapid and quality driven services secure innovative, world class clinical research trials to ultimately improve patient health outcomes world-wide.

We have an existing unique collaboration with a 1500 bed tertiary teaching hospital, to perform healthy volunteer studies and recruit different patient populations into early phase clinical research. This connection also enables us to work with specialized physicians for a variety of therapeutic areas.

Linear is Western Australia’s only dedicated early phase clinical trials facility and the most advanced of its kind in Australia.

Quality, timely and cost-competitive clinical research is our priority.