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Why LinearOne?

We’ve designed LinearOne System to ensure you have full control over the data you share with us.

By keeping your LinearOne profile up-to-date you can direct how we keep in touch with you and more importantly see what trials are available.

Call our Recruitment Team on 1300 LINEAR or register your interest online.

Why Participate?

Help our clinical research team turn medical innovations into safe, effective treatments that will change and save lives. Enjoy world-class care and recreational facilities, with free wifi, meals and entertainment. And get paid. 

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How can you get involved with a Trial?

1. Register your Interest at LinearOne

2. View available Trials in LinearOne for you to participate

3. Discuss and ask questions to our Linear Team

4. Participant Trial Journey – see below

Please Note: You can choose to participate or withdraw consent at any time


Attend our world-class facility for screening. Our medical doctors will confirm your eligibility to participate


Check-In & Check-Out in our world class facility by our knowledgeable team of medical doctors


After your follow-up visit, you are remunerated for participating