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Discover the story behind our new look and logo.

A confident, inspiring look for a team that inspires confidence

From day one in 2010, Linear has occupied a unique place in clinical and medical science. And since then, our multidisciplinary team and facility in Australia have become what our founders always intended – a focal point for world-first clinical collaboration and medical innovation.

That’s why, in 2016, we rebranded Linear to reflect the evolution of our organisation.

Our brand realignment brief

When we sat down with our branding and marketing partners at Luminosity, it was clear our original branding didn’t do us justice, so we set out on a journey to develop a new look and logo, starting with a brief. We decided that our brand should:

  • Feel bold, warm and inspiring, not cold and clinical
  • Look young, progressive, distinctive, even quirky
  • Help position us as agile, innovative partners

The response and solution

Our new look and branding reflects and projects the dynamic culture and nature of our work at Linear. Every element helps tell our story.

Our logo’s layered, textured effect is unique in our industry, just like us. The honeycombed windows that underpin our visual branding provide snapshots of the hive of activity at Linear, almost like looking through a microscope. And the strong horizontal line that runs through our logo reflects the dynamic, direct journeys we take with our partners and clients.

Every element of our branding is not only designed to be distinctive, but also tell our story.

Nurturing medical breakthroughs.

Our tagline is the starting point for our story of clinical and medical innovation, but its hand-written treatment reminds us that our work is all about people. For us, it’s personal.

Meet the team behind the brand

We love our new look. It helps tell our story of clinical and medical innovation that changes people’s lives. To see for yourself how we can add value at every stage of your clinical journey, get in touch.

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