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The sooner we’re involved, the more we can help

Leverage our multidisciplinary expertise. Harness our concept-to-commercialisation capabilities. Tap into our extensive partner network. Find out how we can safely fast-track every stage in the clinical development of your drug or therapy.

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Greater experience, greater value

The breadth and depth of experience within our multidisciplinary team in Perth means there’s a wealth of knowledge to tap into. And make no mistake, we love sharing our knowledge for the greater good.

This diversity means we’re equipped to actively add value to even the toughest, most complex clinical trial and medical innovation projects.


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Everything and everyone you need

As a not-for-profit organisation, everything we do is designed with you, your bottom line and the greater good in mind. From early-phase to late-phase clinical trials, and from protocol reviews to IP development – everything you need to assess and realise the potential of your work, sooner and more cost effectively.


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Where do our sponsors come from

Meet our parents

Our parent company, The Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research (the Perkins), plays a pivotal role in Australian clinical and medical research. Learn about how the Perkins brings together the world’s brightest minds, creating cutting-edge collaborations to investigate and advance the treatment of a range of diseases.

About the Perkins

“We’ll work with you to assess and realise the full medical and commercial value of your work, sharing our insights and network of partners to drive your therapy or product to fruition, swiftly and safely.”

Jayden Rogers BSc, MPhysio, MBA Chief Executive Officer, Linear