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Pink Stumps Day 2019

Linear and WCA before the 2018 Pink Stumps Day cricket match

This year, we will once again be teaming up with expert HR consultancy WCA Solutions for Pink Stumps Day. Besides being a fun day of cricket, the event is fundraising for The McGrath Foundation to place breast care nurses across Australia.

Warming up in Linear’s clinic

Linda, a current Linear Cancer Trials patient, previously went through several treatment options such as chemotherapy and radiation. “It makes you really sick and I lost my hair, only to find out that it didn’t work.”

Linda was later referred to Linear by her doctor and is now on her second clinical trial, with her condition stable as staff monitor her progress.

“I’ve been lucky enough to not have or know someone who’s had breast cancer but I can imagine the devastation for the patient and their family. I do think it’s great that you’re supporting Pink Stumps Day so these patients can get the best care possible.”

“I’ve been to multiple other hospitals and clinics and at some felt a bit more nervous than I do here at Linear. The staff here are all so friendly. Things like making me a cup of tea in the morning just make me feel so much more comfortable.”

Linear’s staff also participate in other regular charity events to live their passions of nurturing medical breakthroughs and helping others. These include Cancer 200 Ride for Research organised by their parent organisation The Perkins, Wear Red for Heart Research Day, Movember, Operation Christmas Child and more. To Help Linear and WCA Solutions make life that little bit easier for people experiencing breast cancer, donate to the McGrath Foundation’s Pink Stumps Day here.

Left – Finishing the 2018 Cancer 200 Ride for Research, Right – Wearing Red for Heart Research Day