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What’s happening at Linear?

The Participant Journey

Going through the entire clinical trial participant journey can be an enjoyable and interesting one! If you’re new to Linear though, you may not be familiar with what’s involved.


  1. Choose a Trial on Linear’s Website

All trials that Linear is currently recruiting for are on our website: 

A number of factors may affect your decision to participate such as the time/schedule involved, what medication and condition is being researched, and how much you’ll get paid.


  1. Apply for a Trial

There is a basic medical criteria for a trial that you’ll need to pass to move to the next stage. This is made publically available on Linear’s website through an application form, so if you’re interested you can easily figure out whether it’s a good fit or not.


  1. Attend for a free medical check!

If you do pass the basic criteria, then you may receive a free medical check with Linear’s medical team. These medical checks usually involve measuring height, weight, blood pressure, having an ECG, blood sample, breath test and urine sample. For some trials, the screening will involve additional tests depending on what is being researched.


  1. Receive results

If you fit within the criteria, then Linear may try to include you in the trial. You’ll get a phone call a few days later with an answer.


  1. Participate

Linear’s clinic is located at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Nedlands. It’s not uncommon to be required to stay in the clinic overnight for several days in a row. If you are required to do so then you’ll get a heap of benefits like free food, WiFi and playstation. What a great opportunity to catch up on work, netflix or study! After a volunteer’s stay in the clinic, they usually have follow up appointments before getting paid.


  1. Receive Payment

Linear’s trials can pay volunteers up to thousands of dollars once completed. The payment depends on the time involved in the study and is outlined during the application process. What an awesome way to help others and help fund your next holiday or special thing you’ve been saving up for! To start your journey today, go to or email with any questions