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COVID-19 rapid antigen test procedure prior to attending Linear

Ensure you read the information below BEFORE attending Linear for your Appointment

Thank you for booking time to attend a screening or check-in appointment at Linear. To reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission at Linear facilities, all participants will be required to undergo Rapid Antigen Testing at screening, check-in, and throughout the trial as required.  Please read the consent form (PICF) which has been provided to you in this email.

1. If you have rapid antigen tests or are able to procure a rapid antigen test, on the morning of your screen please perform a COVID-19 rapid antigen test (RAT). 

2. Take a picture with your mobile phone of the negative RAT result. The picture will need to be shown on arrival to your screen to our reception. We will check the picture stamp (date/time) to authenticate.

3.A replacement COVID-19 rapid antigen test will be provided to you when your picture of the negative RAT has been seen and authenticated by our Admin Team at your screening appointment.

4. Should the RAT result be inconclusive, participants are to try a second RAT and if still inconclusive they should seek a polymerase chain reaction test (PCR) and then isolate while they wait for the PCR test results to be received. With a positive result, please follow the WA Health advice for COVID cases, including isolating yourself, informing your close contacts, and registering your positive RAT result. DO NOT ATTEND LINEAR. Please ring to inform Linear of your positive RAT.

If you had no symptoms and are not known to be a COVID close contact, in addition to all of the above steps, please also undergo a PCR test on the same day as your positive RAT. Please inform Linear of your PCR result.

If have any questions prior to attending following this procedure you can contact Linear. Please call: 1300 546 327 or book a time for us to call you here.

Having to miss an appointment at Linear because of the situations described is not a problem and is something we can work with. It is better that you avoid coming to Linear in these situations so you can focus on getting better, and to help minimise the unnecessary spread of any infections. This helps to minimise the risk of infection transmission to other participants, Linear staff, and the general public.

As per the government directive please be reminded of the importance of social distancing at all times: DoH physical distancing for Corona Virus

Australian Department of Health (COVID-19)

WA Health Coronavirus (COVID-19) page

Australian Department of Home Affairs (COVID-19) page

The Coronavirus Health Information Line can be contacted on 1800 020 080