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– Help Perth Medical Research

– Free Food

– Free WiFi & other entertainment

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Help our clinical research team turn medical innovations into safe, effective treatments that will change and save lives. Enjoy world-class care and recreational facilities, with free wifi, meals and entertainment. And get paid. 

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Overall I found it to be quite a positive and interesting experience. The best thing about participating is that you’re helping to make a difference to someone’s life by assisting the people making great improvements to medical knowledge. The Linear staff I encountered during my stay were professional, friendly, and thorough. I always felt safe and well looked after by the clinic staff, I really appreciated their effort and patience. I found it interesting seeing how it all works - from the clock watching to the lab staff being in at night processing samples. I spent my time working, reading, watching TV/movies, and listening to music. Advice I’d give to someone thinking about participating in a trial with Linear is if you have the time, do it! You may contribute to the next big medical breakthrough! Staff will make you feel at ease and you’ll have plenty of time to chill out and unwind.

Siobhan , 37 Trial LE17101 (7 nights, 8 days)

My overall experience as a participant was, in short - good! The staff were always very helpful, friendly, and communicated clearly. I really enjoyed the friendly dynamic with the staff and other participants and the overall good atmosphere. I spent my time reading a novel, playing games whilst chatting with other participants, watching TV series, doing internet research, and resting. I am very likely to come back and do another trial with Linear.

Reinhard , 34 Trial LE16092 (17 nights/18 days)

Overall it was an interesting experience to see first hand how clinical trials are performed. The Linear staff I encountered during my stay were very accommodating, polite and friendly. I spent my time working on my laptop doing internet and non-internet based work. Advice I’d give to someone thinking about participating in a trial with Linear would be make sure you bring enough work to do.

Recent Participant

I would rate my overall experience as a trial participant as a highly positive experience. I enjoyed being a participant as the food was good, the people were nice, and I still had privacy even though all participants were staying in the clinic together. All the people working in the Linear clinic were very friendly, helpful, and nice to talk to. I spent my time watching Olympics on the TV, or movies on my laptop, chatting with other participants, playing board games or cards, and reading a book. I am very likely to come back and do another trial with Linear. Advice I’d give to someone thinking about participating in a trial with Linear is search for information about the particular study drug that is being trialled so you can get an idea what's going on. Ask a lot of questions about the trial, and be prepared to have many blood samples taken.

Veronika , 32 Trial LE16092 (17 nights/18 days)


How can you get onto a Trial?

1. Answer our questions here to find out which trial suits you

2. Complete the pre-screening questionnaire

3. Get in touch to book in a screening appointment

4. Attend your appointment and find out if you’re eligible

Please Note: You can choose to participate or withdraw consent at any time


Find out if you’re eligible


Attend our world-class facility for screening. Our medical doctors will confirm your eligibility to participate


Check-In & Check-Out in our world class facility by our knowledgeable team of medical doctors


After your follow-up visit, you are remunerated for participating

What is a clinical trial?

Clinical trials are a crucial part of the process of developing, licensing and bringing new life-changing, life-saving drugs and therapies to patients. Trials ensure that new treatments are both safe and effective, enabling medical practitioners and patients to use them confidently.

Some clinical trials are conducted to establish whether already-approved drugs can be used to treat different conditions, but most trials are for new drugs and innovations – a completely new way of treating a disease or illness, thereby providing choices and hope for patients.

More about trialsAre Trials Safe?

How are new therapies developed?

New drugs and therapies have to go through extensive testing before they are tested in clinical trials on humans.


Laboratory development
and testing.


Safety testing before human trials.


Ethics-committee approved testing on a small number of healthy individuals or patients to determine safe dosing range.


Ethics-committee approved testing on effectiveness of treatment

Hawthorn Captain Jarryd Roughead encourages all to be open to clinical trials:


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